Razer Gold is the unified virtual credits for gamers worldwide. Use Razer Gold Gift Card to buy games and in-game content to get more bang for your buck—including getting rewarded with Razer Silver and exclusive game deals.

You can make a purchase using Razer Gold Gift Card in over 33,000 games and entertainment content. So, get started by reloading your Razer Gold account online and each spend earns you Razer Silver, the only loyalty rewards program for gamers.

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FAQs About Razer Gold Gift Card

Are there any restrictions on the usage of Razer Gold PINs?

Razer Gold PINs can be used to:
• Reload Razer Gold wallets in the same region they were purchased from, or
• Direct Top Up at participating game websites

For a list of merchants using Razer Gold, visit https://gold.razer.com/gold/catalog

How can I earn Razer Silver using Razer Gold PIN?

Razer Silver is awarded for game or in-game content purchases using Razer Gold. Every USD1 worth of Razer Gold spent in a single transaction earns you 5% worth of Razer Silver.

Will Razer Gold Gift Card expire?

Yes, Razer Gold Gift Card is valid one year from the date of purchase on Razer.com. Please refer to your email receipt for the exact expiry date. Expired Razer Gold PINs cannot be reinstated so we recommend that you consume them as soon as possible.

How to redeem your Razer Gold Gift Card?

  1. Visit gold.razer.com and sign into your Razer Gold account.
  2. Click on [Reload Now] and select Razer Gold PIN as your payment method.
  3. Input the PIN and click Next
  4. Complete the 2-step authentication.
  5. Start spending your Razer Gold and earn Razer Silver

Why buy from us?

We at Arman Cards offer various denominations in our store depending on your gaming needs. Not just this, we also provide you with multiple payment options,  24/7 customer service as well as fast and reliable delivery.

Important Information

  • You can find the Razer Gold Gift Card code on your own profile at the Orders tab after your purchase.
  • Gift card once purchased cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.